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SkyFire Ignition
Ignition problems?

This electronic ignition will solve the problems of the original Panhard ignitions.
After installing  a SkyFire2 Ignition; starting, performance at low and high revs., fuel consumption and drivability will be substantially improved. 
The SkyFire2 Ignition will be installed between the distributor and the high performance ignition coil.
The initial ignition timing can be set at 6 teeth (20 degr.) and the timing will automatically be adjusted upto 30 or 35 degr. as the RPM increases (example a Panhard 24CT.).

Some Panhard engines tend to pink easily. The timing of the SkyFire ignition will  suppress pinking.
Re-adjusting the timing for starting is no longer necessary. You can fixate the distributor.
The timing map, which is installed according to the Panhard specifications or to your desired specification will be installed by the SkyFireignition. If you want more maps,  a second map can be installed. Changing between the maps can be done with a switch. The maps (curves) can be 2D or 3D. The installation software can calculate form 10 map points a map of max. 60,000 points. Therefore the timing is very  accurate.

The SkyFire2 Ignition can electronically  compensate  for RPM and depression. This will give the best ignition timing under all circumstances.
There are also special algorithms  to stabilize the engine. This make it possible to put a EURO coin  on a running  4, 6, 8,12 cylinder engine.
A special  high performance ignition coil produces an extreme powerful ignition spark for a even more performance and lower emissions.

These features makes it often possible to start a cold Panhard engine without operating the choke.

More information on the website of the manufacturer: https://www.skyfireignition.nl/pages/what-is-it/

Some YouTube movies:

This movie shows is a cold start, without choke and without additional throttle.

This 2 cylinder engine will run perfectly This engine is running at less than 0.9% CO and 282 ppm HC.

This 1961 4 cylinder Land  Rover SIIa with a EURO coin  on the running engine.
To show you the difference between a standard ignition spark and  spark from a SkyFire ignition see: https://youtu.be/t4Oz-8jTiqc
The first spark is produced by a standard 1995 Range Rover 3.9L ignition system.
The air gap is only 12.5mm.
The color of the park is blue.
The second produses up to 500% more energy.
The air gap is raised from 12.5mm to 20.0mm.
The color of the spark is now white.

For more informtion go to: www.SkyFireIgnition.com

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