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nut sizes - help needed please
This is not Panhard related, but I am hoping that one of you mechanical wizards can give me some help.
I am fitting a thermostatic shower control but the nut securing the device is missing. It is an Italian product from the company Cristina. I have contacted them but no reply as of yet.
The nut seems to be M40 x 1.0 but there is nothing out there of this pitch size.
The male part to fit the required nut measures 40.1  and 40.5 (valley to crest of thread) and as best as I can measure, the pitch is 1.0mm
Here is an example of the sort of thing I need ; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/176068020358
Hoping someone can help - if anyone is out there !
regards to all

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